We furnish equipment and supplies to the aerospace and commercial industry which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Aircraft Test Equipment
  • Aircraft and Engine Specialty Tools
  • Maintenance and Work Stands
  • Tire Bead Breakers
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Center-Line Loaders
  • Trailers (munitions, shipping, transport)
  • Engine Transport Systems
  • Tow Bars
  • Electrical Test Equipment
  • Cargo Systems

Our equipment and supplies are used to service:


  • C-5
  • C-17
  • C-130


  • CH47
  • Bell
  • H3
  • H53
  • SH60


  • AV-6A
  • C-2
  • F-4
  • F-5
  • F-15
  • F-16
  • F-18
  • AV8A

Newly Manufactured:

New Manufactured items are produced to print and 100% inspected prior to shipment. We use a multi-step inspection process to ensure parts are correct through every stage of the process. It begins with the raw material. We maintain a traceable certificate of all materials used to make or build any and all new equipment. This process of one step at a time provides us the ability to monitor and prevent issues later in production and assembly.


Our surplus inventory is in excess of 65,000 unique part numbers. We supply new and refurbished surplus to support the ever aging still in use equipment. All surplus equipment is 100% inspected before it ships to you. We will clean and replace components for surplus equipment as deemed necessary based on our inspection.